Crystal Heart

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Genre: Country
Skill Level: Intermediate
Key of A

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Video #1: Here is a video of me playing along with Steve Srader on "Crystal Heart."

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Crystal Heart

Crystal heart, crystal heart
Shattered broken, always hurting me
Why don’t you mend, why don’t you end
The pain and misery
Why can’t you see what your doing
To you and me
Crystal heart, you're tearing us apart

As I dance across the floor with the ladies
They all love me so
Wishing they could mend this heart of mine
She left so cold
My heart wont let her go, feeling stone cold with her memory
Crystal heart your tearing us apart

Crystal heart, crystal heart
Used to sparkle when she was there
Everywhere we used to go
We used to laugh and play
So in love, but now your cold
And you’ve lost your smile
Crystal heart, you're tearing us apart

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    Steve Srader

    Thank You John ! That’s great ! Now all I got to do is learn it .

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    John (BGD)

    Glad you like it! I almost finished the others Saturday as well but it’s been hectic around here. Shouldn’t take long though!

    Steve Srader

    John one of the hardest things is getting the A and E strings double stops to sound out equal , Ha ! this should help me in the end with those two strings !

    John (BGD)

    This is definitely the most challenging of the three. You may want to learn the high string first, then add in the lower string later.


    Great job, gentlemen. Fun to fiddle along with.


    Oh my gosh…that is so cool!  ONe of these days I’m gona try to learn this one…when I can get some time for getting back to learning new stuff. Steve, it’s a really good song.  John, you did such a great job. Mike’s sitting here with me and he was really impressed as I told him about the whole thing.  Great job, guys! This one goes on my list…lol.  Gotta get that list going again.  Feeling inspired.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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