Shady Grove (Doc Watson)

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Genre: Old Time
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Keys of Em and Dm

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Video #1: Here is a video of me playing the song "Shady Grove" in the style of Doc Watson.

Online Fiddle Lesson

Online Fiddle Lesson

Online Fiddle Lesson

Online Fiddle Lesson Online Fiddle Lesson Online Fiddle Lesson

"Shady Grove" is a traditional Appalachian folk song, common in the repertoire of bluegrass and old-time musicians of the Cumberlands. Sung by both traditional folk musicians and folk revival musicians, it is sometimes identified as a courting song. The song describes "the true love of a young man's life and his hope they will wed."

source: wikipedia

Shady Grove

Cheeks as red as a bloomin' rose
And eyes the prettiest brown
She's the darlin' of my heart
Prettiest girl in town

Shady Grove, my little love
Shady Grove I say
Shady Grove, my little love
I'm bound to go away

I wish I had a big fine horse
And corn to feed him on
And Shady Grove to stay at home
And feed him while I'm gone

Went to see my Shady Grove
She was standing in the door
Her shoes and stockin's in her hand
And her little bare feet on the floor

When I was a little boy
I wanted a Barlow knife
And now I want little Shady Grove
To say she'll be my wife

A kiss from little Shady Grove
Is sweet as brandy wine
And there ain't no girl in this old world
That's prettier than mine