Murray’s Mill Harvest Folk Festival

We wanted to let everyone know about a great little festival here in North Carolina that we look forward to every year.  This festival is run by the Catawba County Historical Association and the local boy scouts. Here is a little information from their website:

"The Murray’s Mill Harvest Folk Festival celebrates Catawba County’s agricultural heritage with an array of exhibits, craftsmen, and activities, including petting zoos, antique cars, tractors, and farm machinery, and traditional food preparations such as molasses making. Bluegrass, Country, and Gospel comprise the impressive band schedule, the Cockman Family hosting musicians and audience in the Murray’s Mill Amphitheater. Included in the ticket price ($5 at the gate, children under ten are free) is a tour of the mill, whose original French buhr millstones grind away producing bags of flour, a prized and usable souvenir."

The wonderful folks who run this festival work very hard to make if family friendly and fun for everyone.  We would love to see you there!

Saturday, Sept. 27: 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday, Sept . 28: 1 pm - 5 pm

Click on this photo of the mill to find out more.

Murray's Mill

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    Great Scott

    Hey John! Thank you for letting us know about this wonderful event. I would love to come along and enjoy the activities and the great music but sadly I am unable to get there. However, I have made a note of the venue and date as well as many other venues you have mentioned and my goal is to get to them all in 2015 or 2016, if I am fortunate enough to be able to do so.

    John (BGD)

    Thanks Scott, I understand why you can’t be there. That is why I am creating BluegrassDaddy Airlines, an economical, first-class-only, island-hopping transport system with flights to and from Catawba, NC, with scenic layovers in Alaska and Canada. Here’s how it works. Sometime in early April, pack a big roll of string and a bag of biscuits, and tie onto the legs of several dozen Short-tailed Shearwaters, then enjoy a relaxing, sea-wise trip northward with options for an short layover in Japan. When you reach the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, rest up a few days then latch onto a covey of Semipalmated Sandpipers. After a brief stop in New Brunswick, take a flock of Wood Thrushes down to sunny North Carolina, just in time for the Murray’s Mill fall festival. Stick around until spring but don’t bother with those exhausted little thrushes on home trip – just catch the Sandpipers on their way back through.

    Great Scott

    Wow John! ROFL! The first three lines of your BluegrassDaddy Airlines spiel got me really, REALLY excited — “economical” Yes please! “First Class” Absolutely! “Island hopping” Way to go!… but then my wonderful dream turned into an ornithological nightmare as I continued reading! LOL! I absolutely HATE flying (in a plane, that is) and prefer booking passage on boat / ship. Does BluegrassDaddy also have an economical, First Class steamer to get me there. If so, then I would like a cabin with a window and my own private deck. (Cabin boy optional)

    I just wonder what I would do if the birds ate all the biscuits and then decided to dump me on some deserted island in the middle of nowhere without any food. I would be hungry and probably starve to death. And I can’t be hungry, I tell you — I simply can’t! So what would I do? … Oh, what would I do? Here’s what I’d do: I would slowly drag myself up from the depths of my soul-destroying misery and despair and summon up every ounce of courage and dignity that I had left, … and with clenched fist and tortured heart (and a bit of melodrama) and with every semblance of unbridled passion that I could wring from my weak and tortured body, I would defiantly and unashamedly proclaim …


    Thanks for posting this. I would love to travel to hear your family play sometime…and maybe squeeze in a lesson! ;^) My husband and I really like to experience the festivals. I wish we could make this one. But, keep letting us know of upcoming stuff. Eventually, we’ll make one! Without the canned biscuit strategy, hopefully!

    John (BGD)

    Scott, of COURSE the biscuits are for the birds. They can’t carry food and only store just enough fat to carry their own body weight in formation, so you have to provide the caloric compensation for the added payload. 🙂 Awesome clip by the way!

    Angela, I would love to have any BluegrassDaddy members show up! It was so cool at Merlefest this year when people kept stopping me to tell me that they were my students here or on youtube. I got to hear some cool stories and it really encouraged me as well. The family doesn’t travel as much as it used to, and so most of our concerts are right here at home. This give us more time to devote to our families and to projects like BluegrassDaddy! (The reason it isn’t called “FiddleDaddy” is because I hope to one day incorporate my brothers on guitar, bass, dobro, banjo, and mandolin lessons. I can dream, can’t I?)

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